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Customer service is priority #1. If you have problems with the service you receive, please do not hesitate to call Customer Service at 888-400-0086. We will bend over backwards to rectify any situation that may have occurred! Call us first because any charge-back that is made by you will result in you being blocked from doing calls with our company until you pay back all the money owed to us along with fees.

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A lot of new guys are calling us. Yaay!!! I am posting this for the regular caller as well as the first time phone sex caller. If it IS your first time let us know, we are more than happy to pop your phone sex cherry and to take the extra time you need to make sure you get a great call. We are different than a lot of other phone sex sites, and I know this for sure, because we LOVE what we do, and we LISTEN. We take the time to find out about your fantasy and make sure you get the call you desire. There are a lot of intelligent, creative hotties that work for this company and we love nothing more than to hear you stroke your cock for us and cum really hard then call us back again sometime, so while recovering from your “Cum Coma” make sure you write the girls name and number down so you can repeat the fantastic time we had together. Here are just a few suggestions on how to make this the BEST phone sex you will ever have.

1.) When you call, be polite while we take your information:

Ok now my callers know, I love to be humiliated, but AFTER I get all the billing information. Please speak clearly and serious while giving us the information, we are as horny as you and want to get your call started so let’s get this part out of the way so the fun can begin. When you call a girl, ask for her by name, don’t just say “I wanna fuck” or “Hey wazzup” or “Who is This?”, that actually makes me think you’re not serious about wanting a paid call with me and I usually hang up and won’t answer your call again. You should know the name of the girl you called, but even if you don’t remember her name, “Let’s Fuck” is just not cool when you first call, if the girls doesn’t hang up on you right away, you will be setting the wrong tone for your call. 🙁

2.) Be open about what you want to talk about on your call:

There are a lot of us girls that have been doing this job for years, you’re not going to shock us. We need to hear from you how nasty you wanna get, and what situation, or fetish you like. When you say “Oh just Anything” to the question. “What are you into?” That doesn’t give us a clue, it could be doggie fucking, shit play, age play, snuff, that’s “Just Anything”. So be specific, and ask for what you want. Some guys like piss, but not shit, every single one of us is different, we don’t want to “blow you away” with complete disgusting, nastiness, if you just want to get pissed on. This is YOUR call so get what you want from it, and say what you like and dislike. A lot of times if you just say what you DON’T like we can get somewhere with that, this way we know where not to go, a lot of girls keep notes or remember callers so when you call them back they already know a little about your likes and dislikes. Sweet huh?

3.) Make some noise boys!!! If you want the BEST Phone Sex call possible, MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

It is really hard to weave a perfect fantasy for a guy who is silent on the other end of the phone. Your call will be “off the Hook!!!” IF you can at least make SOME noise for us, that way we know we are going in the right direction to make you explode, just like in live, Real Time Sex, you moan or breathe heavy when you’re getting it the way you like it, same with phone sex, when you moan or say “yeah baby right there” like you would during sex, then we know you are enjoying the call and can give you even more of what is turning you on. If it’s a rape scene you will hear me struggle and try to get away, if you don’t feel like saying anything just breathe heavy and I will know your getting it like you want. Of course it’s your choice to talk or not and we respect that, so if you’re not a talker just tell us at the beginning of your call during the information phase and we will still make you cum like crazy!

4.) If the call is not doing it for you, let me know:

If we are stroking and getting all hot together and suddenly you feel the call going in a direction you don’t like say so. Just say something like “Hey this is not going where I want it to go. I want to do this…” and let me know where you need to go and we can do a complete turn around and make it good for you. The main focus IS YOU, it is your call and we want to make you happy so you will feel comfortable enough to call us back. Most phone sex girls depend on repeat callers for their business to be successful, it is awesome to hear from a guy again, that way we have a connection already and it is a smooth wonderful ride, so just let me know if your call isn’t going in the direction you wish, we all are very skilled and have very creative minds and can turn that call right around for you, and we NEVER take offense.

5.) Say “Goodbye” and keep the number:

So many guy’s have said “I lost your site 🙁 I’m so glad I found you again” If you can bookmark it or think of something in your head to remember the number or site name, then you will always be able to call us back. There is NOT a lot of turnover at this company so, we stick and stay here for a good long time, keep the number so you know you will get what you want, if not from the same girl you used last time, then at least from a company who is honest and sincere. We all take the time to make sure your getting what you like so with any of our girls the standards here are high and we love to talk to regular clients as well as site regulars too. When you’re done with your call say “Goodbye” this really means a lot to us, so many times guys are in a “Cum Coma” after our call and just hang up, which is your prerogative, but sometimes I wonder if the guy liked what we did when he just hangs up, and sometimes I am still talking until I hear a dial tone again, now that’s not nice… If you just say bye, I’m done, thanks, ttyl, adios something, then I know your finished and that the call was what you wanted.

I know Phone sex is the “Live Porn” allot of you guys use it to cum really hard, and I am so grateful that you choose us to provide you with the Ultimate Cock Exploding Experience. I want to thank all of my regular callers from last year and tell them that they have made this a FUN and exciting job for me, I am looking forward to even more good phone sex this year! This is the best thing going I think, we can be super nasty and there is nothing we can’t do fantasy wise together, so remember to let us know what floats your cockboat and help us make you smile.

Here are some tips to help keep your private Phone Sex activity private!!!

Use a prepaid credit card. There is no monthly statement and you can check your balance online. These are available at Walmart and Walgreens and even your neighborhood convenience store. Remember is she does find your statement with the number on it, it is the Customer Service number and we never tell what the service is for, NEVER.

If she does question the “charge” on your card just smile and wink and say “you’ll have to wait for Christmas or Birthday to find out” OR Our discreet billing descriptor can be ANYTHING, for example Virus Protection, or Hard ware support 😉 giggles.

After you finish your call with us,  pick up the phone and dial a number you would normally call so of the next person hits redial or star 67 she’s not going to end up calling your phone lover!

Don’t leave our numbers lying around with no name attached. Wives hate mysteries and she will call it! Keep the number handy but list it as customer service number for your favorite fast food restaurant, golfing green, PC repair or something innocent.

If you share a computer make sure you empty your history and temp internet files so you cover your tracks. Always dump cookies, these tracks are easily erased by Googling your browser and erase history. If you have your own private PC pass word protect it so no snoops can see.

These simple suggestions can help you enjoy years of hassle free phone sex fun, phone sex is legal and very innocent. It keeps marriages together and it’s not really considered cheating. Some fantasies are just too much for your significant other, that’s why we are here nothing you say can shock us!


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