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Sissy Mistress Shayna

It’s a challenge I understand being a successful man in today’s society. It’s so stressful. A man needs a release. No one would ever believe that you are a lipstick loving, lace wearing, garter belt and panty loving closet sissy. You constantly imagine a big dildo or a fat ass cock shoved up your little man pussy. No that wouldn’t be accepted. It’s hard for you to accept yourself as a Sissy. You don’t want your secret exposed, you can’t let anyone know your deepest darkest desires can you?

Why don’t you let Ms. Shayna help you with your Sissy Side. I can keep your secret while we develop you into the perfect little sissy faggot slut you long to be. I can help you realize all of your sissy desires. From dressing pretty, sexy, or slutty. To learning how to treat a real man. Taking care of his cock the way you have always craved too. Mmmm I can imagine your little clittie is getting hard just thinking about wrapping your mouth around A big hard Cock.

I can help you with all aspects of being a sissy. I can shop with you or without you for all of your Sissy supplies. You may be scared to shop alone. We can shop together. Checking each and every item, seeing how it makes you feel. It will be fun. Shopping for Makeup, your favorite pink lipstick. Sexy frilly things from Victoria Secret. Certain toys that will help you feel sexy and slutty. Soon a pretty little Sissy Faggot will be born. And then we work on developing the Slutty side

You have to follow my direction, let me guide you. I’m a seasoned soul who has had Sissies come to me for years for that guided direction they’re looking for. We already know you want to be a pretty little Sissy Slut we just have to send you in the right direction we just need to help you learn to accept it and embrace your new sissy lifestyle.

After we have worked on you becoming comfortable with your sissy side we will take small steps. Your first assignment is going to be to purchase panties for everyday and wearing them under those tailored suits of yours. And then you are going to report to me on how that makes you feel to have those satin or silk panties under your man clothes. And how you feel when you go to the men’s room and stand with the other men wearing panties. I can hardly wait for your transition.

That my sissy friend is only the beginning. There is a lot more to a sissy than the way they dress. You know exactly what I am talking about. The things that you crave. Being on your knees serving that big man with the big cock. Having his hand on the back of your head guiding you to give him the ultimate pleasure. And then of course getting your cherry popped. I can hear you whimpering and begging for it now. Why wait any longer. Ms. Shayna is here for you.


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