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Sissy Mistress Sadie

On your knees bitch! This time you have met your match your days of being pathetic are over. It’s time you learned a lesson and became one of my BDSM freaks. As I lock the cage on that little clitty be assured that I am the only mistress you are ever going to need.  I own that measly thing from here on out. See these keys yes that’s right I am going to keep them for awhile. if you are lucky I just might allow you to earn them back. I guess we will have to see it serves you right for being such pathetic bitch. Now it’s time to show you how this game is played my way.

Just for the record, there is no shortage of the gameplay here I take in all kinds BDSM, cock control, bondage and even some humiliation. I take your fantasy to new heights there is nothing more real than a call with me. Be prepared to take a new role with serving me.

First, let’s start you out as a depraved little fuck-begging to cum. I grab my flogger and spank those balls now tell me again how you wish to cum! I continue my BDSM frenzy inflicting punishment as I see fit.  You know how I love to control and the way I see it you haven’t earned the right to cum. You’re just sitting there whimpering, to be honest, I think you’re enjoying all this torture. I believe that it’s time to step things up a bit.  From this moment forward your job is going to start fluffing cocks for me. Oh, yes just as I seem your little mouth I going to be forced around those cocks bringing them to full erection. If I see one little inkling of you getting hard, I am going beat that ass until it’s red like an apple. I mean someone should pay for your mistake.

If you think that you are man enough to think about pleasing a Mistress like me?  Then pick up the phone and dial me now. Show me that you are worthy. Then give me a call I promise this will be one you will never forget!

Sissy Mistress Sadie


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