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Sissy Mistress Journey

It’s time for you give in and sissy up to your mistress with some forced feminization. I enjoy degrading fucks like you. All you whiny fucks come here for the reason that’s to be controlled by a mistress like me. I will take you down a road of destruction exposing your secret life of femininity. Look you are already half way there. I see you wearing those satin panties and lockable bras. I’m surprised you haven gotten caught yet. With every call, we go through this process of degrading and humiliating you only to rebuild you into that fine woman that you have always dreamed of being.

I am not going to allow you to dress as your choice. You have no choice in the matter anymore I am stepping up the game. Quit crying like a little bitch you knew at some point this forced feminization was going to be an issue. I am just helping you fast forward. I’m betting right now your wife already knows, and she is out fucking a real man right now. While she’s gone, you try on her makeup. Dressing and getting caught up in her perfume. As you stand before the mirror envisioning you as a woman look within. That transformation I demand.

Understanding your role is a going to take time being submissive isn’t always easy. Forced feminization really is all about dominance forcing you into seductive clothing and other things. From that first moment, I touch you till the end I will give you what you need to sensuous. When you have dressed to my approval only then will you be sent out to run errands?

Most men are so weak when it comes to feminization only wearing elegant attire half way or trying to make excuses to get out of doing things. That’s where I come in sometimes you need a stern hand to keep you on track. Some men just don’t have the ability to move forward, so they are left with sissy outfits and sent to the kitchen for their duties. Don’t be like them that is no life. Give in to my forced feminization desires and be what you always wanted to be seductive and admiring become feminized today!

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