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Sissy Mistress Christina

Hey little girl…are you ready to play?  My name is Mistress Christina and I’m here to be worshiped by you.  I’m not bitchy just more of a sensual mistress who will have a firm hand.  I want you to adore your mistress.  You will think of me all day long while you’re busy with your “real” life.  When you speak to me, just one time, I will own you.

Just look at my body, all these luscious curves, just ready for you to touch.  Your mouth is watering just dreaming of sticking your tongue in all my dark, sweet places.  That clitty is bouncing up and down in your panties just dreaming of your beautiful Mistress.  My favorite hobby in the whole world is dressing up little sissy girls like you.  I will show you off to the whole neighborhood, take you places where they will appreciate your sissy persona.  On special occasions, I’ll arrange special parties for you to be used to show you just how much I adore you.  The clothes that we will shop for together online, the shoes and make-up I will instruct you to wear.  Think of all the fun you will have with me as your owner.

 I want you to scroll through my pictures right now, pet.  Look at my curvy luscious body, think about how fantastic it will feel when I use you.  Then I want you to call me so you can hear my sexy sensual voice whispering in your ear.  I will make all of your sissy fantasies become a reality.

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