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I’m always asked what kind of a person becomes a sissy.  The answer is simple.  Alpha males.  Does that surprise you?  It shouldn’t.  Just think of all the decisions that an alpha male has to make every day in his high-power life?  At work he’s a rock star, top of his field, at home he’s the man who holds the family together.

That’s where I come in.  I am the Mistress that takes all his decision-making abilities away for just a moment.  When you call me, I own that sweet ass.  You’re no longer that high power, high stress manly man.  You are my fucking bitch!

Now…how do I handle you?  There are several ways to treat a little sissy like you.  I can go from sensual to brutal all depending on how I read you.  My best sessions with my Sissy sluts are on Skype.  I get to look at you, see where you need “work” then fuck you senseless.  Remember the relationship between the Mistress and Sissy requires time.  I will expect you to email me pictures of you as your alpha male self so I know better how to transform you in to the cum eating slut you desire to be…if only for a few moments.  Then I will compose a shopping list for your sweet ass.  You will purchase all the items that I select…and I expect to see all those items on our call.  If you have a nosey wife or significant other you may want to purchase several gift cards.  She will wonder why you are purchasing make-up and lingerie from the stores I send you.  Then I will set up a session to make you in to the fabulous sissy cunt you are.

Just remember, I follow through on every single direction that I give you.  If you don’t comply with my demands…you won’t get to blow your sweet load in those panties.  I can be your best friend but also your worst fucking nightmare.

Call Mistress today for your first session….I can promise you.  You won’t regret it!

Sissy Mistress Bryn

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