Sissy Mistress Aria

Calling all sissies, it’s time to step up and admit that deep dark secret. Sissies were born to serve and have this uncanny ability to know how to please their Mistress.

First, we should start with some hard to hear, unpleasant facts. You will never have a real dick, yours is so small, it will only be loved by a Mistress.

During sissy training, you will learn the fundamentals of being sissified.  My sissification isn’t an effortless process it takes many sessions to transform someone like you.  In no time, you will be the perfect sissy.

Sissies have, at times, enjoyed the torture that I can inflict. I love to lock them up in chastity and whore that little pussy out to my friends. Some have bent over my spreader machine, some spanking and begging for me to train their sissy cunt with my strap-on. If you want to keep things a secret for now, a good old fashioned glory hole is perfect for you.

Every sissy is a in a different place in their training.  We will start by removing all of that hair, a good sissy is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Then, let’s slather your new body with some pretty smelling lotion.  Next, we will paint your finger nails and toenails.  Choose a signature color and even a signature scent. Then we can always branch out from there.

I have worked with every type of sissy you can imagine. If you think you can stump me with your likes then give it a try.  You will learn new skills and we will reinforce those skills until they are second nature to you.

Don’t deny yourself the chance to be who you really are. Call Mistress Aria or email to book a session now!

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